We believe students learn best in a relaxed, but structured class where a balance is established between technical study and having fun.

While each student is different, age is an important consideration, we aim to utilise different methods for each students based on their age and interests.

For young students below seven years of age, we often integrate musical games and popular songs to spark their imagination and develop their enthusiasm.From the age of eight we slowly shift the focus towards developing the student's level of concentration to music theory and hand techniques.


We aim to teach students a wide repertoire of famous pieces from Classical music to today pop music .We finish each semester with a performance to build their confidence for an exam or a group concert which we organize end of each school year g. These events are not only fun, but they build confidence and are a good initial step in preparing students for concerts or examinations.


Why Playing Piano ? 

Playing piano brings a profound sense of satisfaction.It helps students develop confidence; motivates them to focus in on achieving specific goals and imparts a sense of structure and discipline due to the routine of practice. Not only this, but it is a powerful tool in fostering creativity and imagination.

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