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Lessons are one to one or a in group. The one to one classes runs for minimum of  30 minutes .

During this time we combine sight reading, Technical studies for hands ,musical games as well as music theory while we follow a lesson book.

Students are also invited to suggest the music they are interested to play. We can add on a piece of their choice to our weekly program to spark their love for playing piano.

Lessons are made for different purpose wether is for fun, skill or preparing for exam or a concert ,we tailor a program for each pupil.

Different sort of online lessons are offered. you can choose from an ongoing lessons which are one lesson per week for a for 10 weeks or choosing a 4 weeks lessons program which is designed to work on a music piece of the student's level. 

Why Playing Piano ? 


Here is some reasons about the benefit of playing Piano.


Playing piano brings a profound sense of satisfaction.It helps students develop confidence. Motivates them to focus in on achieving specific goals and imparts a sense of structure and discipline due to the routine of practice. Not only this, but it is a powerful tool in fostering creativity and imagination.

Need more reasons why you should offer your kids piano lessons ?please check these out :

Students having a rehersal casual performace for thier family and freinds before performing on the stage !
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